viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Hello dear students from first semester.

This our English blog.


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  1. hello to all of you, what I like to see in this blog would be able to see the activities of the class with the instructions :)

  2. hello teacher, that's great that we have a blog for our English classroom.
    see you tomorrow =D
    by the way i am tatiana,i forgot my google account.

  3. Hi teacher! Well... This blog is great. You can put activities, homeworks and everything that you want. But I think that is necessary: images, and other theme 'cause I don't like the green color. This is it..... And one thing more, One Direction. ♥ Haha, this is not true! Good Night (:

  4. Hello teacher, the blog is cool :-) because you can put the homework, i like the color from the blog.... blue :-) it's my favorite color <3 and green :3 well.... it's all, Bye! :-) jiji.