lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Comparatives and superlatives

Hello guys

Here you are some exercises about Comparatives and Superlatives I told you to do as a homework.

Complete with a comparative or a superlative.

1. Paul is (tall) than Jack .
2. Your ring is (expensive) than mine .
3. It's the (difficult) exercise I've ever seen .
4. It's the (small) house I've ever seen .
5. Mark is the (fat) of his family .
6. He is (= rich) his brother.
7. My sister is (- intelligent) than you.
8. She is the (beautiful) girl in her class.

1. Greenland is the (large) island in the world.
2. Travelling by plane is (fast) than travelling by train.
3. Boracay Island in the Philippines has (good) beaches I have ever seen.
4. Jamaica is (sunny) than Norway.
5. Fjordland in New Zealand is (wet) place in the world.
6. Rain in the wet season is (heavy) than during the rest of the year.
7. Easter Island is (interesting) island I have ever visited.
8. A holiday in Thailand is (exciting) than a holiday in Spain.
9. Santa Cruz is the second (large) island in the Galapagos.
10. The Galapagos are one of the (expensive) places in the world to visit.

Circle the correct answer.

1 Diana was much taller _______ Charles.
A as
B like
C than
2 Texas is big but Alaska is _______ .
A more big
B biger
C bigger
3 This one is better _______ that one.
A as
B like
C than
4 American Beauty was the _______ film that year.
A worse
B best
C better
5 This hamburger is bad, but that one is _______ .
A badder
B worst
C worse
6 Of all the sofas I've seen so far, this one is _______ .
A nicer
B the nicest
C most nice
7 Moscow is a long way away but Ulan Batur is even _______ .
A further
B more far
C father
8 I'm not short. I'm just _______ tall as Hans.
A as
B like
C than
9 She's beautiful I agree, but her mother is _______.
A beautifuller
B most beautiful
C more beautiful
10 Samantha is just as rich _______ David.
A as
B like
C than

Please do not forget to do your homework on sheet of papers, thank you.And leave your comments about the blog.

God bless you.