martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

The Recycling Website and Information about How to make Decorations with plastic bottles

Hello dear students,

It is a pleasure to tell you that the Project about creating a Website was succesful, and here there are some links from the website designed by my intelligent students:

From 2° semester:!

And also a Blog page:

From 4° semester:


And also a blog:

I invite to surf the websites above presented and send your opinions about these projects, remember all good things can be better.

Well I already told you about making Darts and Doily Angels using plastic bottles, let me introduce you the information and the video about how you can make darts using plastic bottles.

As you know, we can do more than just collect plastic bottles and take them to the plastic deposit bank
but also make decorations with them.

Some of your classmates have already showed you how to make flower pots, lamps, etc. here I am presenting you the video link about  "How to make darts":

And you can also check the following page:

For making a Doily Angels please check the following information:

Doily Angels

This is a project can be quite simple (just make the top of the angel) or quite complex (make both pieces and decorate elaborately). Doily angels can be Christmas tree decorations, or like this one, a beautiful Christmas tree topper.Doily AngelMaterials:
  • White crocheted doilies - for the full angel you'll need two: 4" and 6" diameter.
  • Rubber band
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Gold flecked acrylic paint and/or gold glitter
  • Craft/white glue
  • Paper plate(s)
  • Wax paper
Make a cut in the paper plates, from edge to center. Overlap the edges to make two cones, securing the edges with a stapler. Cover each cone with a plastic sandwich bag.To make the top angel shape:
  • Pour the fabric stiffener (available at the craft store, or make your own by mixing equal parts warm water and sugar) into a bowl. Dip a small doily into the bowl, saturating it thoroughly. Wring out the excess back into the bowl.
  • Place a cotton ball in the center of the doily. Wrap a rubber band around the doily to secure the cotton ball for the angel's head.
  • Drape the doily over the paper cone. Pull the back of the angel's skirt together (you can hold it in place with a paper clip if you need to). Fold the rest of the material down so that you have two wings spread out at the sides.
  • Lay the angel gently on her back (with the wings spread out) on a piece of wax paper. Leave to dry (24-48 hours).
To make the bottom skirt:
  • Mix a little bit of gold paint or gold glitter with the fabric stiffener in a bowl. Dip the larger doily into the bowl and wring out the excess.
  • Drape over the second cone. Arrange the skirt in nice folds and leave to dry.
When both doilies are dry, glue the angel top to the bottom skirt. Decorate with gold cord, ribbon on the bottom skirt. For the halo, use a small piece of wired cord, or gold ribbon dipped in fabric stiffener and shaped into a halo. Glue the halo to the back of the angel between the wings. Our angel shown here is holding a few small gold roses. Her sleeves are actually one piece of gold wired ribbon, glued at the shoulder and bent in the middle.If you want to just make a simple tree decoration, just follow the instructions for the top of the angel. Attach a piece of string between her wings and hang from your tree.

Please don't forget to leave your opinions.

Thank you and God bless you

Teacher Quiroz