miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011


We are back to school after two weeks off.
Students from second, fourth and sixth semester were still working on the Recycling English Project, Collecting Plastic Bottles. Here there is a picture about it.

After collecting the bottles from home, from the school, and also from their neighbourhood  streets.

They took all the plastic bottels to the Recylcing Deposit at Plaza Maya .

Thank you all, for participate and colaborate saving the world. One person can make the difference.

We will continue reporting the English Project advances.

3 comentarios:

  1. Our team are doing the proyect constantly and we find it easy because you recieve money for leave the plastic bottles there (Soriana) so its very easy for us

    Atte: Eladio Poot - Teacher i dont have an account so thats why i've asked to ale if she can borrow me her account.I will creat one i promise

  2. hahahaha no se que poner xDDD my mind is blocked

  3. aa si por cierto mr.Quiroz soy ale trejo xDD